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Arrival and registration
Greeting Words:
  - Armel Djine, CEO VKII-Ruhrbezirk e.V
  - Jörg Stüdemann, Municipal Director of the City of Dortmund
  - Secretary of the Embassy Uganda
  - Dr. Alfred Buß, Chairman of the board of the foundation Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung
  - Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, Member of the European Parliament
60 Years of Independence - A Critical Review in the light of the SDGs and Agenda 2063
Arrival and registration
Short welcome and preview of the day’s program
60 Years of Independence :
Beyond Wakanda, Jollof Rice, Afrobeats

Zoom-Meeting beitreten :
Meeting-ID : 860 1368 1021
Password : 594195

Panel discussion: 60 years Undependence:
  - Dr. Boniface MABANZA
  - Virginie KAMCHE
  - Emmanuella BIH
  - Dr. Chicgoua Noubactep
Development commitment needs supporters !
Funding institutions introduce themselves:
  - GIZ
  - CIM
  - Schmitz Foundations
  - Engagement Global
  - Foundation for Environment and Development
  - Presentation of the Market of Opportunities
  - Presentation of „Sicherte sich auch unser Land einen Platz an der Sonne“ (A Place in the Sun).
Lunch break
Market of Opportunities
Introduction to the workshops by the facilitators
Workshop 1:
Development cooperation at eye level or colonialism reloaded? How does racism affect development work at home and abroad?
Workshop 2:
Perpetuating dependencies or initiating structural changes? Concrete examples from development cooperation projects
Workshop 3:
60 Years of Independence - The Importance of a Culture of Remembrance Using the Example of Anton Wilhelm Amo;
Workshop 4:
Local financing opportunities for small and medium-sized development projects on the continent
Workshop 5:
Diaspora and sustainability discourse - The question of development models
Market of opportunities
Best Practice: Examples of development projects at home and abroad by diasporic associations and their African partners.

From Ghana:
Creativity leads to Sustainability - Creative Resistance.
From Uganda:
Building a school in Muyogo.
From Germany:
"I will rise" sneaker brand from the diaspora.
From Germany:
"Diaspora Creative Lab" Culture Pour Tous e. V.
From Germany:
Diaspora Prize Bremen,Afrika Netzwerk Bremen e.V.
From Cameroon:
Flight in migration in and from Cameroon, causes and Approaches.
Aus Ghana:
"Rewriting the story of cocoa"
Break, DINCH
Evening programme:
  - Cactus Junges Theater
  - Spoken Word Performance, Chief Moomen
  - Live Music Act, Dortmund.
Arrival and registration
Welcome, review of the conference days so far
60 Years De-Colonisation: Black and African Experience in Knowledge Decolonisation;

Zoom-Meeting beitreten :
Meeting-ID : 838 7808 0609
Password :: 487934

Fish Bowl round table
Open Space for networking
Idea development
Outlook and farewell
Questions and discussion with the audience
Hervella Lafleur a.k.a. HT
Musician and composer of Cameroonian origin (soul, country, rock'n roll and pop)

Thank you very much for your participation! We will take your answers into account when planning and holding the next conference!